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This autumn, Bismarck Public Schools offers farm-fresh sweet corn



Bismarck, North Dakota – Dozens of ears of sweet corn have been husked by volunteers ranging in age from eight to 89. This fall, the maize will be distributed throughout the BPS district.

This fall, the child nutrition staff at Bismarck Public Schools worked with Vulcan Farms in Mckenzie, North Dakota, to feed their students corn that was grown locally.

“It means that I know they’re getting a local, fresh product that came from the farmer through us, through the schools, so it’s local. It supports the local farmer, and they get fresh corn,” said Marie Smith, kitchen manager of child nutrition.

She advises contacting the BPS child nutrition section if people wish to collaborate on more farm-to-table initiatives. Volunteers are needed to assist in shucking the corn, according to the child nutrition department.