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North Dakota Highway Patrol received donations of stuffed animals to comfort children



Fargo, North Dakota – To support them in comforting children they come across in emergency circumstances, the North Dakota Highway Patrol troopers received a donation.

The North Dakota Highway Patrol received 23 dozen Tommy Moose plush toys from the Nodak Moose Legion. Steve Foley, the Nodak 42 Moose Legion’s Junior Past President, organized the initiative.

The Tommy Moose program seeks to assist kids in overcoming their anxieties and concerns in stressful situations. The stuffed animals are given to emergency personnel including police officers, firefighters, and others so they can present them to kids who are going through difficult times.

“Thanks to the Nodak 42 Moose Legion, the Highway Patrol will continue to provide professional services to the public by handing out a Tommy Moose to children in need,” says Major Tom Iverson

Through public appearances, books, and appearances on children’s products, the Tommy Moose figure has come to personify joy, security, and safety. The North Dakota Highway Patrol (NDHP) is appreciative of having over 300 extra Tommy Moose plush toys on hand for officers to give to kids in tense or frightening situations.