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North Dakota

More students enrolled in North Dakota’s colleges and universities, according to a spring study



Bismarck, North Dakota – According to the Spring Enrollment Report that was generated for the North Dakota Board of Higher Education, there appears to be an increase in the number of students who have registered for classes at the eleven colleges and universities located within the state.

There are currently 41,832 students attending class, which is an increase of 875 over the same point in time last year. With 13,307 students, the University of North Dakota has the highest total enrollment of any school in the state. The census also discovered that NDSU has a greater number of full-time students than UND does, with 8,954 as opposed to 8,038.

With a total student body of 24,605 students, the two research universities are by far the most popular destination.

Community colleges currently have a student body equivalent to 10,575 individuals enrolled in various programs. There are 6,652 students now enrolled across the region’s four colleges and universities.