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North Dakota

As winter deepens, the West Fargo Fire Department issues a warning about household electrical fires



West Fargo, North Dakota – A reminder and some advice for preventing house electrical fires, which often peak in the winter, are being provided by the West Fargo Fire Department.
The U.S. Fire Administration’s advice is provided by the agency and includes the following:

• Plug only one heat-producing appliance directly into a wall outlet at a time.
• Have a plan in place with you/your family in case of a fire.
• Stay low: If you wake up to or have to work your way through heavy smoke, getting as low to the ground as possible will increase your chances to get out safely.

The government adds that fire is hot, as one might anticipate. On the floor, temperatures can reach 100 degrees, while at eye level, they can reach 600 degrees.

A little fire started by an appliance or candle can quickly spread across your home and cause more deaths from house fires than the actual conflagration, according to some authorities.

Each year, there are about 47,000 electrical fires in homes.