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Lifeguard shortage at Fargo YMCA



Fargo, North Dakota – There is a lack of lifeguards at local pools and centers across the country. There are no exceptions at the YMCA in Fargo also.

The YMCA is presently reducing pool hours and restricting entry to certain pools due to a lack of lifeguards. Pool availability will be added as more lifeguards are hired.

You must be at least 15 years old and complete the American Red Cross Lifeguarding Course to become a Red Cross Lifeguard. A two years certificate will be given to those who pass the three-day weekend course. Distance swimming, collecting weighed objects from the pool’s bottom, and treading water at surface level with your head above the water are involved in the course.

Anyone who applies will be contacted for an interview.

“When anyone applies, we always get that phone interview call in. We kind of talk about the position and I explain the day-to-day operations to see if they would be a good fit. Then we always bring them in to at least meet them face to face,” Maxwell Ommen said, a Lifeguard and Safety Coordinator at YMCA.

Click here if you want to apply.