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North Dakota

Kids in North Dakota aren’t as video-obsessed as some people believe



North Dakota – These days, it seems as though screens are everywhere you look. Even though TVs might have some positive impacts, many teenagers can develop negative habits and terrible lifestyles since there is so much readily available content.

Of course, this raises the obvious question: to what extent are teenagers in North Dakota binge-watching TV?

18.8% of teenagers in North Dakota watch more than three hours of TV per day, according to a study by Enso Superfoods. When compared to the rest of the country, North Dakota is the state with the 22nd-highest percentage of teenagers who are TV-obsessed.

The study revealed some surprising facts, like the fact that youths in Mississippi watched the most television nationally, with 27.6% of them viewing more than three hours each day. In contrast, Utah had the lowest percentage of teenagers (13.%) who watched more than three hours of TV every day.

The southern region of the United States had more teenagers viewing TV than any other area of the nation.