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Initial recycling collection in Minot



Minot, North Dakota – The first recycling collection in the history of the city of Minot took place on Monday.

Your News Leader has been monitoring the program’s development, went on a crew ride-along on Monday morning, and has responses from locals.

For almost ten years, Zephaniah Oange has operated garbage trucks for Minot Public Works. He is gathering recyclables today. He claimed that on occasion he must shake the trash can.

“Everything has been fine, except I had to stop a couple of times to grab stuff from the hopper,” said Oange.

To make the boxes’ transition from one disposal to the next more elegant, he proposes breaking them down a little more.

Not all locals are completely on board with recycling, despite the fact that many have embraced the choice. Deloris Howe, a resident of Minot since the 1950s, said she will probably reject the program. Howe expressed her dissatisfaction with the recycling and rubbish pickup schedules.

“I think it’s a disadvantage to senior citizens because they don’t eat the same as young families that have a lot of garbage,” said Howe. “I’m done picking through all that stuff. I’ve done my share.”

However, according to landfill foreman Allen Shefstad, it conserves more than just ground area.

“As of right now, we’re not going to add any more personnel, just the current staff,” said Shefstad.

He stated that before delivering it to a Minnesota company called Dem-Con, they will go through a quality control procedure.

Oange traveled to his next route after his initial visit to the institution. The switch to automation in garbage collection, according to him, occurred in 2017.

“It’s fun, I love it. It’s the most beautiful thing I do,” said Oange.

An empty garbage can, after all, represents a new beginning.

There is no specific time yet for pick-up for people who have chosen to not participate in the recycling program. According to public works staff, it will presumably take place during the coming weeks.