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Cancer patients receive free cleanings from the Bismarck service



Bismarck, North Dakota – Since its founding in 2006, Cleaning for a Reason has partnered with 1,200 cleaning companies, serving more than 47,000 cancer patients. Capital City now has a relationship that will assist local cancer patients by cleaning their homes.

Keely Graves, the founder of Bismarck-based Keely’s Cleaning Crew, wanted a method to support her son, who was in and out of the hospital, while still being able to make money. The company has now teamed up with Cleaning for a Reason, a charity that offers free housecleaning to cancer sufferers across the United States and Canada.

“I recently started a class in cleaning business fundamentals,” Graves explained, “and the founder of that, Debbie Sardone, started Cleaning for a Reason when her mother was struggling from cancer. And so it just seemed like a great fit to help our community out when they have helped me grow my business to the extent that it is.”

Cancer patients who participate in the initiative will get complimentary cleanings every month for two months. On the Cleaning for a Reason website, people can suggest themselves or another person to apply. They are paired with a cleaning company if the program is accessible in their zip area.

“When you are able to clean for somebody that actually really needs the service and is so appreciative that you’re there because they can’t physically do it,” Graves stated, “it means the world to them, but it also brings us quite joy and gratification.”

Graves has direct experience with the stress of having a family one in the hospital, so she is aware of the value that cleaning assistance can have for certain people.

“Having a sick child or family member or struggling yourself,” Graves stated, “it’s hard to keep up with the daily routine of life. And having somebody come in and do that service for you just takes the pressure off a little. And we hope to just be able to provide that service to those that are struggling.”

According to Graves, her company serves Bismarck, Mandan, New Salem, as well as the nearby smaller communities.