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North Dakota

Governors looking to congress to address prescription drug shortage



Helena, Montana – Eleven governors, including Republican governors of Montana and South Dakota, Greg Gianforte and Kristi Noem, called Congress to act to address the shortage of prescription drugs.

The governors claimed in a letter to Congress on Tuesday that pharmacists are informing patients that they don’t have essential medications on hand. Amoxicillin, Ventolin, and chemotherapeutic treatments are a few of the medications discussed.

“These shortages are not new, but they are becoming more frequent and more severe… Nobody should have to experience that kind of worry, especially not in the United States of America,” the letter said.

The governors urged lawmakers to enact new laws to enhance manufacturing process dependability, affordability, and transparency.

“Congress must grant additional authorities that allow more transparency throughout the drug manufacturing process. The American people deserve to know the truth behind where their prescription drugs are coming from and how they are quality tested, especially when those drugs are originating overseas,” the letter said.

A national security concern, according to the governors, is posed by the fact that more than 80% of the active chemicals in prescription pharmaceuticals sold in the United States originate from other nations like China and India.