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North Dakota

Fighting human trafficking in North Dakota



North Dakota – Millions of men, women, and kids worldwide—including right here in North Dakota—fall victim to human trafficking every year. Our state’s human trafficking task groups are responsible for locating those involved in these cases, and they claim that the victims might be anyone.

“Through the boom, I know that human trafficking was a huge thing back in the boom times,” said Williston Police Department’s Public Information Officer, Heather Cook. “I know that we do have a human trafficking team. We have officers and detectives on the human trafficking team that teams with other members of the community in order to provide resources to people who are victims of human trafficking.”

The police officer in Bismarck was dismissed after a probe into the use of excessive force.

Traffickers target locations where they can readily find women and children, such as shelters, schools, and treatment facilities. The Williston Police Department has a task team that is prepared to aid persons who are being trafficked and is trained for these circumstances.

Law officers may encounter victims while responding to calls about domestic disturbances, in massage parlors, bars, or even during routine traffic stops, according to officials. According to experts, traffickers prey on people who have little to no social safety net, including those who are struggling financially, are facing domestic violence, or are separated from their immediate family and friends.

They also point out that anyone can become a victim of human trafficking, regardless of color or gender. They suggest it could be a warning sign if someone makes exaggerated claims about their ability to satisfy your needs in terms of love, money, employment, or lodging after only a brief acquaintance.