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North Dakota

Since last week, ND gas prices have slightly increased



Bismarck, North Dakota – Since last week, there have been a few modest increases in gas prices across North Dakota, but overall they have decreased since mid-April.

The most recent statistics are being made public by AAA North Dakota. According to them, a gallon of ordinary gas in the entire state is now anticipated to cost $3.41, up from $3.37 from one week prior.

However, the average cost has decreased by 77 cents over the past year and by about 15 cents over the past month.

Additionally, there are regional variations in average pricing. Walsh County has the cheapest average ($3.18), while Grant County has the most costly average ($3.88).

Additionally, costs vary by city, with Fargo ($3.36) having the lowest pricing in a major city, followed by Grand Forks ($3.35), Minot ($3.40), and Bismarck ($3.44).