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Fargo resident devastated as family’s storage unit ransacked



Fargo, North Dakota – A Fargo resident suspects that her family’s storage unit at Mid-States Storage, located at 2101 12th St. N., has recently been burglarized. Despite facing difficulties in finding evidence, Lucretia Sauck, the owner of the storage unit, expresses a sense of violation and vulnerability.

In her words, “It’s supposed to be a secure place, where you can keep your things.” Sauck describes the chaotic scene inside the storage unit, stating, “All of these totes we had to clean up enough so that we could close the door.”

Several valuable items, including belongings belonging to Sauck’s father and antique family heirlooms, are reported missing.

Sauck estimates that these heirlooms could hold significant monetary value. She discovers her jewelry boxes to be empty and admits, “I don’t even remember what I had in there.” Sauck urges fellow renters of storage units to take extra precautions to safeguard their possessions. She also wishes for others in her facility to be informed about her situation, hoping that the perpetrator can come to terms with the damage caused. “If you needed it that bad, then ok. But I hope it was worth it. I really do,” expresses Sauck.

According to facility management, their options for assistance are limited. Nonetheless, they are willing to offer help within their capabilities and are fully cooperating with Sauck.