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Faced with impending legislation, a doctor in Fargo has opened a practice dedicated to gender-affirming care



Fargo, North Dakota — While some LGBTQ+ people experience difficulties receiving medical care, one Fargo doctor has made it his mission to change that even as a state measure that would outlaw his work for patients under the age of 18 hangs over him.

Dr. Mayson Bedient, a family doctor in Fargo who treats patients of all ages, is starting a clinic at Essentia Health that will give LGBTQ+ patients care that is gender-affirming.

With four years of experience in gender-affirming healthcare, Bedient offers services like hormone therapy, mental health medicine, and linking patients with surgeons. Bedient will begin a full-time job at Essentials Osgood Clinic, located at 4622 40th Ave. S. in Fargo, on February 20.

Bedient’s area of passion is giving his patients warm, informed, and gender-affirming care while still accepting any customer who comes his way.

“I’m a trans person myself,” Bedient said. “It’s important to me to be able to provide that care in a place that’s safe and comfortable.”

Bedient, who employs he/they pronouns, believes he has a special understanding of his patients’ situations and can immediately put them at ease.

“A couple of the patients that I’ve met have been really excited that I’m a transgender provider,” Bedient said. “I’ve been there myself, so it’s kind of exciting for them to have somebody who really understands it.”

According to Bedient, who was hired by Essentia in December, LGBTQ+ people, and transgender people in particular, frequently forgo medical care owing to unpleasant experiences or a lack of expertise among clinicians. They have spent the past month training a team of experts who will offer inclusive and knowledgeable care to everyone who enters their doors.

The practice helps “serve this population that has been traditionally underserved,” Bedient said, noting other regional providers are conducting gender-affirming care.

He added that Sanford and Canopy Medical Clinic, a sexual health and LBGTQ+ health clinic in Fargo, are also working to eliminate the health inequities that exist in the LGBTQ+ population.

“Gender-affirming treatment is not something you’re going to find everywhere,” Bedient said. “There’s just a lot of doctors who aren’t comfortable with it or don’t practice it.”

Bedient said it’s critical to provide a warm environment with knowledgeable medical staff who have the required education since it has a favorable effect on his patients’ mental health.