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Woman wants to thank random stranger who helped her after rollover crash



Fargo, North Dakota – After being involved in a rollover accident on Interstate 29, a woman from South Fargo is wanting to make contact with an unknown person who assisted her. According to Debra Acevedo, the good Samaritan pulled her out when she was in an inverted position.

“Oh it was terrifying because once the car rolled it stayed upside down so I was hanging, the only thing holding me was the seat belt,” said Acevedo. “I heard him say are you ok, are you ok.”

Throughout the procedure, the random stranger was of assistance to Acevedo. Which meant a lot to her considering how terrifying the circumstance was. He assisted her in getting warm and waited with her till the emergency personnel arrived at the scene.

“He pried the door open and he got me out,” said Acevedo. “He let me sit in his truck. He gave me his gloves because it was freezing that morning. I sat with him in the truck with him until the sheriff was ready for me. I want him to know how grateful I am.”

According to Acevedo, the collision began when the driver hit a patch of ice on Interstate 29. According to the North Dakota Highway Patrol, this should serve as a helpful reminder to exercise caution.

“They just need to remember that conditions change a lot quicker, especially in the winter time.” said Sgt. Wade Kadrmas.

The highway patrol emphasized that it is necessary to prepare ahead of time before getting behind the wheel.