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Creatures and Clay- Bismarck Arts and Gallery Association’s November exhibits



Bismarck, North Dakota – Two exhibitions by the Bismarck Art and Gallery Association have begun for the month of November: one on historical pottery and the other on creative depictions of some of our favorite animals.

“Badlands Origins,” a ceramics showcase highlighting the creations of award-winning ceramicist, community art activist, and educator Brad Bachmeier, is the gallery’s featured exhibition for November.

Bachmeier is one of the 19 brick sculptors in the United States, is a full professor and the program director of art education and art therapy at Minnesota State University. She has earned the ND Governor’s Award in the Arts for her career’s “substantial and persistent influence.” His art can be found in every state, as well as in several museums, the ND Governor’s Mansion, and Michelle Obama’s private collection. He is the recipient of over 50 regional, national, and international grants and honors. He now brings his creations to Bismarck for people to see and buy.

Via the use of parent materials, archaeological discoveries, allusions to landscapes, and cultural patterns, the exhibition’s theme—human evolution through ceramics—tells the tales of Native Americans who lived in the Badlands region.

According to Brad, the exhibition highlights his “Conservation through Clay” project and includes a sampling of his discoveries, notably those made during his two most recent stays in North Dakota and Montana.

Kristy Little, who was born in Bismarck and presently resides in Baldwin with her family, is the BAGA member featured for November. Little has worked on a variety of art projects, from sketching to logo design, but she enjoys doing pastel paintings of both domestic and wild animals. Even though she has just recently started showing and exhibiting her work, people are already in a frenzy about it.

Both exhibits are currently on display and will remain there through November 23 at the BAGA headquarters at 422 East Front Avenue in Bismarck.

The gallery maintains complete price lists for each piece of artwork.