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Couple who died in the Fargo house fire last week identified by authorities



Fargo, North Dakota – The identities of the two victims who died in a fire accident in a Fargo house last week have been released by authorities.

They were killed when a fire broke out in the house where they had resided for years. Garnet Blouin was 91 years old and his wife, Jean Blouin, was 88 years old when they died.

Firefighters said that it was a challenging fire to put out.

“When the content was blocking paths, it made it difficult to get in the house. So we had to use other means like windows and doors, that type of stuff,” Fargo Fire Marshal Ryan Erickson said.

Two firemen were trapped in a hole in the house’s floor, but they were able to break free. The house had also partially fallen, which caused the search inside to be more time-consuming.

During a search of the house, the body of Jean Blouin was found. Garnet Blouin succumbed to his injuries at a hospital where he was taken for treatment.