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Bismarck residents in need will get a blanket



Bismarck, North Dakota – It’s not only about the food, gifts, or toys at Christmas. It can be simple to overlook the fact that the holiday season is about much more than that at times.

A significant component of Christmas is putting others before yourself. Before the semester ended, the students at the St. Marys Academy learned how to accomplish precisely that on Tuesday.

Students made tie blankets for those in need as a way to commemorate their final weeks of classes.

All of the products will be donated to the Children’s Advocacy Center as part of St. Mary’s “Sharing the Warmth Project,” which is a part of the school’s peer mentorship program.

“I think it’s important because it’s helping us give back to the community. and give other people Christmas gifts,” said Anna Brach a student at St. Mary’s Academy.

“And some people can’t get their own Christmas gifts or be warm, and they just need something to comfort them during the Christmas season,” added Olivia Lundeen, another student at St. Mary’s.

The fleece fabric was donated to St. Mary’s, and it only took the pupils an hour to make approximately 80 fleece blankets.

But in addition to producing blankets, students are also collecting warm items like hats and gloves and giving the Children’s Advocacy Center more than $700 in gift cards. This educates kids on how to make a difference while also providing assistance to those in need during the Christmas season.

“I think they want to affect change, and if you give them a cause and you give them the opportunity, all you need to do is get out of their way. They’re so passionate and they’re so caring of others and that’s why projects today are such a beautiful thing,” said St. Mary’s Academy 7th Grade Religion Teacher, Duane Eichele.

Students exchanged Christmas cards during their final period of class on Tuesday, and their handmade blankets were blessed before being sent off.