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Authorities warn us of online shopping scams before beginning of school year



As the school year approaches, and schools across the U.S. are reopening for in-person learning this fall, Americans go shopping for school supplies. But, among other things, what worries parents the most, and also the authorities are warning us about, are online shopping scams. Statistics of the National Retail Federation shows that an average American family spends around $850 before the beginning of every school year.

“This is where the scammers are finding the opportunity. How can I make the most money off of this situation where people are at a disadvantage?,” Sandra Guile with the Better Business Bureaus said.

Therefore, the Better Business Bureaus issued a warning regarding online shopping scams.

BBB advises customers to double-check third-party suppliers discovered through social media advertisements.

”If you see those pop-up ads, use some hesitation and caution with those and double-check the name of the business to make sure they’re legitimate,” said Guile.

Also, all shoppers are recommended to use a credit card when shopping online since its offering additional protection to resolve and dispute charges if the paid products are not received.