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After an attempted unlawful entry, Metroflex Gym advises member safety



Fargo, North Dakota – Gym consumers at Metroflex in Fargo saw an unidentified person attempting to enter the facility in the early hours of Monday, June 5, which alarmed both employees and customers.

Before being told he couldn’t enter until he produced an active key, the person tried to follow two already-present members inside the building.

The Metroflex gym’s manager, Laura Fogderud, expressed appreciation to the members’ attentiveness in standing their ground and preventing the person from entering.

“Luckily a member told the guy, you can’t come in here unless you have your own fob,” Fogderud said.

The gym staff made an effort to identify the person and determine whether they were a member at first, but they were unsuccessful and eventually came to the conclusion that no one was related to the person.

“We first of all tried to identify who this person was after we saw the footage. “Fogderud said. “We tried to see exactly who he was and if he was even a member but no one seemed to recognize him.”

Metroflex Gym maintains a stringent “no unauthorized guests or members” policy, emphasizing how important it is for participants to abide by the law. Fogderud said she was pleased with how strictly the members adhered to the rules.

“I’m just glad that our members followed our rules,” Fogerud said. “We’re not supposed to have anyone piggybacking in.”

A Metroflex member named Drew Ross also expressed his delight in the gym’s support in excluding the undesirable visitor.

“It really speaks to the strength of our members,” Ross said. “we’re a community here. We look out for each other and we protect each other, and it’s instances like that that make me proud to be a member.”

Management at Metroflex issued guidance to those using 24-hour services no matter where they are after reflecting on the occurrence.

“Be aware and don’t let anyone in you don’t know. Even if you do know them or think you know them, they might not be a member or might not be able to get in for a reason,” Fogderud Said.