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Activists pack Fargo City Hall to get representation



FARGO, N.D. – “I hope that we can come together because i know that division does not help us we have to come together,” one parent said.

Members of ONEFARGO and city groups took the chance to change how people in Fargo are heard.

“I’m just encouraging people to do what we been doing since America was founded and that’s engaged their politicians,” Wess Philome mentioned

Community leaders were at city hall in order to fight for representation.

“The truth is when your not there you’re not seen during the conversation and not considered,” Philome said.

Some are hoping being at commission meetings will bring change to the city along with including everyone in a proper manner.

“I do think it’s important for kids to understand what our processes are that there can be peaceful protest,” Kerry Conlin said.

The two main topics addressed from the community leaders were equity and police accountability.

“Making sure that the city is thinking about the City of Fargo to make sure that they include people of color and marginalized people within those conversations making sure that they focus on us and empower us as well and also holding the police department and law enforcement accountable,”  Philome stated.

“I want my kids to know trust and justice and if justice needs to be served in certain situations or if this is systemic racism or whatever the case may be,” Conlin mentioned.

Wess Philome says it is important that they build a relationship not only with people of color but also the community as a whole.

“The city hears from us and listen to us in the process as well considering the outcome of the Derek Charvin trail things could get very dicey,” the activist added.