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Achievement award given to the Cass County Emergency Manager



Fargo, North Dakota – The North Dakota Emergency Management Association recently gave Jim Prochniak, the emergency manager for Cass County, an Achievement Award.

Prochniak has organized a number of noteworthy initiatives over the past year that have given our community the safeguards it needs to stay safe. These include creating a plan for the continuity of operations for the entire county, putting together cyber security drills for county workers, and working with the Cass County Sheriff’s Office to arrange active shooter and active threat training. Along with managing volunteer and sandbag activities and collaborating with local partners on incident command operations, he also played a significant part in the reaction to the anticipated floods that occurred last spring.

“Let me start by saying, you certainly kept this nomination a secret. I had no clue,” explained Prochniak upon receiving the award. “More importantly, thank you. Regardless of the position or role someone holds, it is always rewarding to be recognized for their efforts. It is even more special when the acknowledgment comes from a group of leaders I hold in high regard.”

According to the State Emergency Manager Association, Prochniak has a noteworthy history of offering emergency services and public safety in North Dakota. He had a lengthy career in the North Dakota Highway Patrol, ending with his service as Superintendent from 2009 to 2014, before to joining Cass County in 2015.

Prochniak has maintained his intense focus on emergency management and public service in his capacity as the director of Cass County emergency management.