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North Dakota

About $15 million in childcare support to reward providers



Minot, North Dakota – A health and human services representative provided a thorough breakdown of how the $66 million childcare budget approved by state lawmakers would be distributed at the childcare committee meeting in Minot.

Given that the staff-to-child ratio for younger children is less strict than that for older children, one funding source includes $15 million in incentives for providers to accept additional newborns.

According to Jessica Thomasson, executive director of North Dakota Health and Human Services’ human services division, the funding would increase the number of people who qualify for the childcare assistance program by nearly 40%.

In addition to the $22 million designated for the overall childcare aid program, this sum is also included.

“Those are two of the locations or destinations that we’re proposing. Trying to get additional service to and this will just help our traveling passengers get to their final destinations quicker and easier,” said Thomasson.

According to Eckman, they’ll also enhance marketing and advertising if they get the money.