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YWCA in Fargo receives surprise donation of 100 pizzas



Fargo, North Dakota – This week, a Fargo woman assisted with the delivery of 100 pizzas to the YWCA.

According to Kali Heyen, she visited Papa John’s on 32nd Avenue in Fargo this week after noticing that the staff members and delivery person appeared to be under a lot of stress.

“They said that they had received an order for 100 pizzas and then it was canceled after the pizzas were already made and they had no idea what to do with them. The delivery guy just kept saying he couldn’t bring himself to throw them away and didn’t know what to do.”

Heyen proposed that the pizzas be given to a nearby shelter, but the shop still had 32 orders that needed to be filled. As a result, after some discussion, she inquired as to whether or not it would be problematic for her to take the pizza and deliver it to the shelter.

“They emphatically agreed to let me do it,” she said.

The shelter was delighted to accept the donation.