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North Dakota

Woman suspected of trying to kill two people will be assessed psychologically



Grand Forks, North Dakota – A Grand Forks woman who was charged with two counts of attempted murder in December 2022 is currently receiving psychological treatment at the North Dakota State Hospital.

Court records demonstrate Rose Rick sliced a woman’s wrist and stabbed a man in the back. The man’s injuries put him at serious risk of dying and brought on excruciating discomfort. Multiple stitches were needed for the woman’s injuries. Rick also gave her numerous blows to the head.

According to authorities, it occurred early on December 23, 2022. The Grand Forks Sheriff’s Office dispatched deputies to a stabbing scene. According to reports, there was blood all over and the fight was still going on. According to court filings, when deputies arrived on the location, they discovered the victims as well as Rick, who also had self-inflicted wounds.

Deputies discovered Rick had been out drinking with the man after conducting an investigation. Rick became angry when they arrived at their house and started hitting the two victims. She is described as “going on a rampage” in court documents, bashing walls and stabbing herself. Rick attempted to stab the female victim in the throat while chasing her with the knife. While fending off the onslaught, the victim sustained her injuries.

Rick was successfully separated from the woman by the man. Rick then attempted to attack the woman once more while using the same knife. A man interrupted her. Rick then stabbed him in the back at that point. According to the police complaint, Rick began to apologize while the female victim looked for a towel. The victim attempted to apply pressure to the wound, but Rick attacked her once more. Rick advised his victim to let the man pass away.

On that day, a local hospital received the three injured parties to assess and treat their wounds.

This investigation led to Rick being charged with child neglect as well. The house was filthy when deputies arrived on the scene. The sink was overflowing with dirty dishes. Fresh blood and a “obscene amount” of dog feces were also found on the house’s floor. At the time, there were two kids living there. According to the authorities, deputies discovered them in separate rooms, both of which had rope-tied doors. When the first door was opened, a deputy discovered feces on the ground. Although the toddler was sleeping on the ground, a mattress was nearby. When they were found, neither youngster had suffered any injuries.

Rose Rick is accused of committing two Class A felonies. Class C Felony: Attempted Murder with a Dangerous Weapon Domestic violence that is a Class C felony on two counts, child neglect, and a deadly weapon was used in an aggressive assault. Maximum prison time for the murder charges is 20 years.

On August 7, Rick will appear in court once more.