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While 52nd Ave embarks on a new renovation, 32nd Ave reopens



Fargo, North Dakota – Since early 2023 spring, 32nd Ave has been under construction.

The project was proposed in 2021 and is anticipated to be a two-phase project.

It has occasionally been challenging to maneuver, but on Friday, September 1, Phase One of the project was completed, and the road is once again open and ready for traffic.

Julie Robbins, a business owner, was anxious about the project’s potential effects on her company when it first started in May.

“We were like ‘wow are we gonna have to shut down?’ or ‘what’s gonna happen?’,” Robbins said..

Back in May, Jacob Amberose, a property manager for Valley Rental, had great expectations for the project.

“In the long run it should be good actually because if we are adding lanes or adding turn lanes, it should be a good thing,” Amberose said.

With a constant stream of traffic on Friday, the road got the chance to demonstrate its new capabilities.

While the reopening of 32nd Avenue is great for many, some commuters are finding it challenging due to a new project on 52nd Avenue.

The renovation started on Monday, August 21, and as a result, the bridge over Sheyenne Street and 63rd Street South is currently blocked to traffic.

They intend to convert a part of a divided rural asphalt road into an urban concrete street. As a way to improve the environment for those passing through, they will also implement significant pedestrian enhancements along the route.

The 52nd Avenue project contractor will have 12 months to close the road and bridge, do the work, and reopen it to traffic.