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North Dakota

What this could mean for our energy grid (EPA vs. Rainbow Energy Center)



North Dakota – The largest power plant in North Dakota might have to shut down for up to three years because the federal government wants to deny a permit to get rid of coal ash.

Ash from coal is bad for the environment.

This week, the Environmental Protection Agency told Rainbow Energy Center, formerly Coal Creek Station, near Underwood, that it plans to turn down a permit for a liner.

Energy officials in our state say that this could mean that the plant would have to shut down for three years so that a new way to get rid of coal ash could be built.

The North Dakota Transmission Authority says that this plant in Underwood makes about 8 million megawatts of electricity each year.

The Industrial Commission voted unanimously to send a letter to the EPA supporting the proposed changes to the liner and urging federal officials to go along with this plan and not shut down the plant.

If the state fails, our state would have to rely on wind and solar power for the next few years, but neither of those industries is ready to do that.