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Voting by the city commission to “pause” a proposed roundabout in West Fargo



Fargo, North Dakota – Plans for a roundabout in a bustling West Fargo area have been shelved due to opposition from a number of locals.

Discussions on the change at 9th St. W and 52nd Ave W, in front of Legacy Elementary, have been going on for weeks.

The West Fargo City Commission gave the public an opportunity to voice their opinions on the plans and discussed the subject with the city engineer on Monday night.

Some community residents expressed their worries about extras being built on, while others stated that it wouldn’t be advantageous to add this construction right now because there are other projects going on nearby. It’s not a location with a high crash rate, according to other people. There were also talks about collaborating with the PTA and the school to recruit volunteers for the role of crossing guards.

According to West Fargo City Engineer Dan Hanson, 41 letters were sent opposing the proposed modification, out of 1,315 letters issued to the affected community members.

The city commissioners decided to postpone the roundabout, and staff will keep studying the matter to determine whether the change would be advantageous for the community.

To address safety concerns, they decided that the intersection should be converted to a 4-way stop in the interim.