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Voters in North Dakota disagreed on property taxes, the “Pass it Twice” ballot initiative, and abortion



Bismarck, North Dakota – Many North Dakotans do not always support the important policies that state leaders are trying to enact, according to polling data from the North Dakota News Cooperative.

According to the survey, 48% of state citizens support the recently enacted North Dakota abortion law, while 44% oppose it. The majority of situations of abortion are prohibited by law, with the exception of rape or incest cases up to six weeks, after which it is prohibited totally unless there is a substantial risk to one’s life or health. The law is opposed by independents 61% to 31%.

Another significant divide can be seen in the voting on a “Pass it Twice” ballot issue, with 36% of North Dakota voters in favor and 46% against. The proposal would make it necessary for citizen-initiated ballot petitions to pass two elections in a row before becoming law. With 46% in favor and 37% against, Republicans in the state are mostly in favor of the measure. Democrats also oppose the initiative, 55% to 25%, while Independents in North Dakota are against it, 55% to 30%.

Regarding property taxes, 49% of people in the state prefer that local governments continue to have authority over them rather than the state legislature. Republicans are evenly divided on the matter, with 45% in favor and 45% opposed. According to polls, Democrats strongly support local control, with 70% in favor and 20% against.