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Vanna Adventure Vans, based in Moorhead, will open a new production facility in West Fargo



Fargo, North Dakota – A successful Moorhead-based van customizing business is currently growing in West Fargo.

“We’ve found it’s definitely a national market. We’re designing vans for literal people from all four corners of the country, east coast, west coast. down south, Florida, Arizona, Nashville, New Jersey,” said Ben Gleason, the Co-Founder, and CEO of Vanna Adventure Vans.

Gleason claims that since the debut of his van customization business in 2020, it has expanded to 25 full-time employees and five interns, all of whom are engineering students from NDSU.

In West Fargo, the firm is now establishing an assembly line for ten vans. Vanna should make roughly 86 of their customized vans in 2023, according to Gleason, and there’s a chance they’ll make 100. Mercedes Benz Hybrid Sprinters and Ford Transit Hybrid Cargo vans are both subject to customization by the company.

“What we’ve done now is we’ve kind of standardized the options to what we know really, really works. There’s still tons and tons of customization you can do, but we’ve standardized certain things like where the bed has to go, where the power system has to go,” said Gleason.