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Toddler expected to fully recover after falling from a fourth-floor apartment window



Fargo, North Dakota – A toddler who suffered injuries after falling from a window in north Fargo on Monday afternoon is expected to fully recover.

On May 30, just after 2:00 p.m., emergency crews were sent to the U32 apartments located in the 1100 block of 32nd Avenue North in response to a report of a kid falling from a fourth-floor window after pushing out a screen. According to authorities, the child fell on a patio area on the second level, and they immediately called an ambulance to transport the child to a hospital for medical attention.

According to the authorities, the building is surrounded by rock landscaping, which is where the youngster would have fallen if there hadn’t been a patio landing.

According to authorities from the fire department, there are window guards available for children that parents may research and purchase in an attempt to keep their children safe during the months when it is warm enough to have the windows open. But experts strongly advise parents to look carefully at the products they buy, since you don’t want the guard to become a permanent obstacle in case of an emergency.