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Tim Mahoney, the mayor of Farg: the injured cops are “recovering well and in good spirits”



Fargo, North Dakota – Tim Mahoney, the mayor of Fargo, provides updates on the three cops that were shot and killed on July 14 on 25th Street South.

“Andy (Dotas) and Tyler (Hawes) are getting better. I loved Tyler’s comment when it was the Celebration of Life. He loves Fargo and he wants to get back to protecting the city and our dedicated officers. That’s where they’re at. Zach is working again, not on the streets quite yet, but he’s getting back to it as well,” said Mahoney.

Mahoney reported that policemen Dotas and Hawes are currently recovering in a “regular room” after leaving the intensive care unit.

The officers, according to the mayor, are “recovering well” and are cheerful.

The wounded officers are also given chances to enjoy time in the sunshine outside.

According to Mahoney, the families of the officers are extremely grateful for the community’s support.

The officers will need a month to two months to “get back in shape,” according to him.