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The West Fargo Police Department implemented new fixed beat system



West Fargo, North Dakota – The Patrol Division of the West Fargo Police Department has implemented a new fixed beat system.

When cops have a set beat, they work primarily in that area and can address problems there permanently.

“The goal is for residents and business owners to develop relationships with the officers assigned to their beat,” said Chief Denis Otterness in a statement released to WDAY Radio. “The reorganization focuses on decreasing crime, improving the community’s quality of life, and increasing department accountability.”

Each beat has a Sergeant assigned to it who oversees officer accountability, reviews police activities, works with stakeholders, and looks for chances to solve issues. The Department’s Criminal Intelligence Analyst and during shift briefings are both ways that the information obtained throughout each officer’s shift is communicated.

The West Fargo Police Department is dedicated to protecting and ensuring a high quality of life for city residents, businesses, and visitors. This proactive strategy is a part of that commitment.

Residents can contact the West Fargo Police Department at (701) 515-5500 if they want to discuss a specific issue with their beat Sergeant or Officers.

The West Fargo Police Department’s website has a comprehensive map of the fixed beat system.