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The United Tribes of ND sponsor the TRNP’s wild horses



Medora, North Dakota – The Tribal Association of North Dakota has commented on the livestock plan for Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

According to the United Tribes of North Dakota, wild horses and longhorn cattle should remain.

The group recently distributed a letter of support for the protection of park animals that was sent to Park Superintendent Angie Richman.

Wild horses are significant to northern plains nations, according to MHA Nation Chairman Mark Fox.

“Horses are a significant part of our culture, we hold them in high esteem and sacred to a great degree and I think they’re an important part of this park,” said Chairman Mark Fox, MHA Nation.

Fox claims that some of them are descended from a group of horses that Sitting Bull previously produced.

“We think that that’s a significant thing in our history and the northern plains and the history of the state of North Dakota and this area,” said Fox.

He replies that tribes would not be able to accommodate it when asked if they could take some of the park’s horses.

“We don’t think we have the capacity right now to take any horses on so we’re advocating that the park takes care of the horses just the same as we do,” said Fox.

The National Park Service is currently examining public feedback on what they ought to do with park animals.

According to their website, there will be an additional chance for public comment this spring or summer.