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State legislators approve a bill related to mobile homes



Fargo, North Dakota – State legislators unanimously approved a plan to assist those who live in mobile homes this week.

Senate Bill 2243, also referred to as the “Mobile Home Bill of Rights,” mandates that owners of mobile home parks notify the state if they intend to sell or transfer the property.

The state health department issues licenses for mobile home parks and the owner is required to give the state, as well as those who live there, the name, address, and phone number of the owner or manager. In the event that they don’t, parks risk receiving a $5,000 fine.

Also, tenants have ten days to get a written copy of their lease or file a lawsuit against the park owner in small claims court.

“A lot of tenants have been living on a month-to-month lease for something they signed years ago,” said Representative Ben Koppelman. “They may not even have a copy of it, so they don’t know whether or not they’re being treated under that lease.”

“This issue was the one in IBL that had the most subcommittee hearings,” explained Representative Scott Louser, “and we thought we had it fixed. And two years later, we’re getting media reports, we’re getting complaints from residents.”

This week, the House unanimously approved the bill; it now returns to the Senate for approval.