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Roberts Alley renovation in Fargo’s downtown almost finished



Fargo, North Dakota – After several years of planning and multiple setbacks, Roberts Alley’s makeover is almost finished.

The effort to remove the ugly hanging power lines and utility poles from the alley is a collaboration between the Kilbourne Group, Xcel Energy, and the city of Fargo. It has taken seven years to finish the project.

The Kilbourne Group’s president is Mike Almendinger.

“Initially it started out with the observation we needed to do some improvements in safety of the power lines that are running through the alley and then an opportunity to update the info structure that all the buildings have along Roberts alley as well,” he said.

Over a million dollars was spent on the infrastructural upgrades.

“We had to bury all the power lines we had to find a new location for the transformers and then the complex part is we had to run secondary lines to all of the buildings as well, so it’s taken a long time to work on this,” Almendinger said.

Roberts lane’s renovation will encourage foot traffic to the 25 establishments that line the lane.

“It’s great to see the power lines down and enjoy all the businesses that are adjacent to Roberts alley,” Almendinger said.

He claimed the effort will assist the freshly renovated alley’s small shops attract more consumers.