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Report shows uptick in Fargo crime



Fargo, North Dakota – Fargo Police report shows an uptick in crime in the last couple of months.

According to the Fargo Police Department report there were 762 calls for service from April till May in the downtown area. Most of the calls were theft related.

In May, two aggravated assaults were reported and 44 citations were given to people.

An increase to 848 calls for service was marked over the Months of May to June. Aggravated assaults increased to five and citations increased to 50 in Downtown Fargo.

Fargo police provided safety tips for retail stores including:

  • Find a way to secure employee’s valuables
  • Keep cash in a lock box or safe
  • Make frequent cash deposits
  • Post signs saying things like “no bills over $50”
  • Keep on-hand money in the smallest amount possible or necessary
  • Install silent alarms
  • Having quality cameras, preferably of the surveillance variety

Fargo Police also advises businesses to call 911 rather than engage with confrontational person.