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Report on livestock losses from the April 2022 blizzard



Bismarck, North Dakota – After two winter blizzards, last year’s April blizzard was a devastating loss for growers throughout North Dakota. North Dakota Farm Service Agency is able to put the cattle losses in perspective a year after they occurred.

It states that only 18 operations suffered losses in 2021. In terms of applications for relief, last year was one of the highest. More than 2,000 operations reported losses in the past year; this number excludes those who did not apply for help.

“It was devastating for a lot of producers as they’re trying to calf and then dealing with that weather that we hope is done by April every year, and then now to have two years in a row. We’re still dealing with winter in April. It is tough, you see it on some guy’s faces. They’re not happy about the weather, and they really care about these animals,” said Beau Peterson with the North Dakota Farm Services Agency.

For the program year 2022, the USDA has extended the cutoff date for reporting losses until June 2. Producers have the option of reapplying for losses, regaining access to previously submitted applications, or just applying for the one-time exceptional deadline for extreme losses.