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North Dakota

Redbox but for books coming to rural communities in North Dakota



Bismarck, North Dakota – People who live in North Dakota’s smaller towns may find it difficult to acquire quality reading material in a timely manner.

The staff members at the North Dakota State Library are making it simpler for the people living in these areas of the state that do not have public libraries to obtain some books.

People who are unable to visit their community’s libraries may purchase books from vending machines that dispense literature.

One location inside the Capitol Building where you can find something to read is this particular vending machine, which was set up temporarily there.

Mary Soucie, the library’s head librarian, believes the machine demonstrates to legislators and other state employees how straightforward the idea is.

The state library has ten of these machines at the moment, and its staff intends to distribute them across the counties in the state that do not have public libraries.

“We do provide access to books. We will mail books to anyone in North Dakota that has a North Dakota state library card. But we are hoping that by bringing the books to those counties we will eliminate potential barriers. Because when we mail you a book you are responsible for mailing it back,” said Soucie.

She compares it to Redbox, except for book rentals. The State Library is working hard to ensure that all 10 machines are operational by the end of March.