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Prairie Grit added a new therapeutic service



Minot, North Dakota – Prairie Grit is now offering more than just sports in Minot.

In order to identify more ways to help the community, Prairie Grit will collaborate with the Family YMCA. Numerous new advantages will be provided by the new expansion to foster family connections.

“We added the use of a spider cage here this allows us to use budgies and pulley system to really target tricky muscles work on that dynamic balance, coordination, and muscle strength,” said Physical Therapist and Clinic Director at Prairie Grit, Kaari Pieper.

More universal exercise equipment, possibilities for movement, and sensory input will be provided through the addition of two new gyms.

Prairie Grit has the chance to assist in providing high-quality services to all children, including those who have physical and learning impairments while working with the YMCA.

“A lot of what we do here For speech therapy is working on those communication skills, helping kids understand and use language including feeding disorders and the YMCA Is a great place to work and develop those skills,” said Speech Therapist Alexis Hanson.

In order to identify methods to enhance their lives in a variety of ways, Prairie Grit also places an emphasis on younger children.

“And then a lot of those social groups getting kids in the real-life environment and creating those social experiences for them,” said Hanson.

In addition to giving the kids more therapeutic chances, Prairie Grit wants them to enjoy themselves.

This will make navigating the therapy process easier for the children and their families.

Because altering the therapy’s appearance can make a huge difference for children.