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Package thefts rising across the city



If you’re after the Black Friday deals and shopping online this season, you may want to read this. This year the pandemic is forcing many to snatch deals online, and package thefts are rising across the city.

“Because so many people have been purchasing things online, we’ve seen a decent amount of almost, for lack of better words, a steady rate of packages being stolen whether it’s off an entryway of an apartment complex, or off of people’s doorsteps,” said Fargo Police PIO Jessica Shindeldecker.

Shindeldecker said since many are hopping on the online shopping bandwagon due to COVID-19, and more thieves may be after packages.

We did some digging found out between September 13 and mid-October, there were 14 package thefts in the Red River Valley. From mid-October to November 13, there were 25. Last year, from November 1, 2019 to November 13, there was one reported theft. This year that number is 11.

“I really am going to try and find my mom a little robot vacuum cleaner,” said Mandy Thomes from Fargo.

“I would really like a new air fryer,” said Kalen Brown said Fargo.

“I’m going to be shopping online mostly, but mostly for pet stuff,” Haley Burgart from Fargo.

These three women from Fargo are after the hottest Black Friday 2020 deals too, taking the online shopping route.

“I’m an online shopping feen, so I’m always tracking packages,” said Thomes.

Thomes said checking for delivery updates and scoping the entryway is a part of her morning routine.

Staying up to date on your tracking numbers is something Shindeldecker said is important. She said to see if your workplace allows you to send packages there or look into sending them to a family member that stays home during the day.

Police said that a doorbell system is also a cost-effective way to help them track down thieves.