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Officers recognized for saving woman’s life



Fargo, North Dakota – For their efforts in saving a woman’s life in August of last year, a Fargo police officer and a sergeant of the North Dakota Highway Patrol received awards.

Officer Joshua Persson and Sgt. Andrew Cashin, according to the Highway Patrol, had never met before, but when they both responded to calls of a woman in distress, they collaborated and used their training, compassion, and common sense to save the woman’s life.

Callers reported seeing a woman weaving through traffic before sitting on the I-29 overpass at 13th Avenue S in Fargo and making threats to jump.

The cops introduced themselves to the woman and let her know they were there to support her. They held her interest by conversing with her and keeping her attention on them. They described the tools that may be used to assist her.

The woman was eventually helped down from the bridge ledge by the officers, who then brought her to a care facility.

“Both officers showed empathy for a fellow human being in crisis. Their compassion and understanding of her needs only helped this incident have the conclusion it did,” Highway Patrol Captain Bryan Niewind said. “They worked together, using common sense and training to talk to this person and convince them their life was worth living. Without their actions, this incident could have had a different outcome. I believe they saved her life on this day.”

At a ceremony held on Friday at Fargo City Hall, Persson, and Cashin received the Colonel’s Award for Excellence and the Lifesaving Award.