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North Dakota

North Dakota is one of ten states that have filed a lawsuit to prevent federal flood insurance increases



North Dakota – In an effort to stop hikes in the cost of national flood insurance, North Dakota and nine other states have launched a lawsuit against the federal government, claiming that the increased cost may cause some individuals to lose their homes.

FEMA claims that the new premium system, which incorporates data that wasn’t previously used, such as scientific models and the costs associated with home reconstruction, is an improvement over previous systems. According to the agency, the previous approach might lead to homeowners with lower property values paying more than their fair share while homeowners with higher home values pay relatively less.

Increases are restricted to 18% yearly. However, some residents will pay substantially more once they are completely implemented.

State officials in Louisiana claimed that federal officials had withheld the data and methodology used in calculating the new rates during a news conference on Thursday.

Plaintiffs include North Dakota, South Carolina, Florida, Idaho, Kentucky, Mississippi, Montana, Texas, Louisiana, and Virginia.