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North Dakota

North Dakota House lawmakers vote on vaccine-related bills



North Dakota – State legislators in North Dakota cast votes on several proposals pertaining to the COVID-19 vaccination on Tuesday in the late afternoon.

First, House Bill 1200 was approved by lawmakers, which forbids public colleges from requiring a covid shot.

They also approved House Bill 1502, which prohibits hospitals and clinics from turning away patients for treatment because they haven’t had the COVID vaccine.

Additionally, House Bill 1207 was approved, which mandates that the Health Department publish vaccine-related side effects on its website.

One of two bills that failed in the house was House Bill 1406, which was. It has to do with the medical responsibility of a public health organization that might be promoting or advising a vaccine that is subsequently determined to have potential side effects.

Three of the legislation that were passed on Tuesday were written by Representative Jeff Hoverson, who says he wants pharmaceutical firms like Pfizer and Moderna to be held more accountable.

“They were given immunity even before they came up with the vaccine,” Rep. Hoverson said, “and they’ve got a whole list of vaccines. Wouldn’t you like to have a product the government would promote for you, pay for with taxpayer money, and at times, even mandate? It’d be a pretty sweet deal.”

Additionally, House legislators rejected House Bill 1505, which prohibits mandating vaccination as a condition of employment or privilege.