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ND Association For The Blind benefits financially and publicly from Walk For Vision



Fargo, North Dakota – The 24th Walk for Vision benefit is held by the North Dakota Association for the Blind.

The Horace Lions Club gave the group a donation of $6,300. According to officials, the majority of the funds will support the organization’s summer camps, which teach people with limited vision or sight loss how to adjust to life with a disability.

The American With Disabilities Act-approved voting machines that will be accessible starting next month could be used for practice.

On Saturday, the group will also be commemorating White Cane Safety Day. President Lyndon B. Johnson approved its creation by Congress in 1964. President Barack Obama renamed the day Blind Americans Equality Day in 2011 as well. Resolutions supporting the event were also released by the mayor of Fargo, Dr. Tim Mahoney, and the governor of North Dakota, Doug Burgum. “They should exercise caution and the person with a white cane or the guide dog really has the right of way,” North Dakota Association For The Blind Board Member and Horace Lions Club Member Alan Peterson said.

“We are here to raise community awareness and also to celebrate the safe and independent travel of individuals who are blind or have low vision,” Certified Orientation and Mobility Specialist at North Dakota Vision Services Danielle Hillebrand said.