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Long-running liquor license dispute with the city resolved in favor of Fargo sports bar



Fargo, North Dakota – In an almost three-year liquor licensing issue, a judge in Cass County District Court agreed with a local sports bar, ordering the city of Fargo to amend its position over an ongoing dispute regarding the club’s percentages of sales.

Judge Nick Chase recently ruled that SouthTown PourHouse, 4281 45th St. S., had breached the requirements of its FA liquor license and he ordered the city of Fargo to reconsider that decision.

Northstar Hospitality, which owns SouthTown PourHouse, was initially fined by the Fargo Liquor Control Board in May 2020 for failing to comply with the requirements of its FA liquor license, which mandates that at least 50% of its earnings originate from the sale of food.

According to court documents from the city, SouthTown PourHouse sold 58% booze and 42% food.

Northstar argued that the business is well within the parameters of the liquor license if the city took into account the pizza served through their cooperation with Duane’s Pizza, a neighboring establishment that uses the same kitchen.