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I-94 was closed between Jamestown and Dickinson



Bismarck, North Dakota – Interstate 94 was opened to traffic by the North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT) and the North Dakota Highway Patrol. It stretches from Dickinson to the Montana state line. Both Interstate 94 and United States Route 52 are still closed between Dickinson and Jamestown.

Because of the near-zero visibility, the icy road conditions, and the scattered snow drifts, the No Travel Advisories are still in effect across the state. Due to the hazardous conditions, motorists should refrain from traveling.

Due to the potentially fatal conditions, motorists are not permitted to travel on a road that has been closed. On Saturday, there will be a dramatic shift in the weather. Calling 511 or visiting the ND Roads map on the website will provide you with additional details regarding the state of the roads throughout North Dakota.

The travel map and the road conditions information on 511 are both updated every day between the hours of 5 am and 10 pm. The road report is solely provided for the purpose of serving the public and is formulated using the data that was accessible to the NDDOT when the report was being prepared. The conditions may not be exactly as they are reported.