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Hundreds gather outside Bismarck Veterans Memorial Public Library to protest proposed censorship laws



Bismarck, North Dakota – In the Bismarck Veterans Memorial Public Library, hundreds of people showed up to oppose proposed censorship measures that are presently being discussed in the North Dakota State Assembly.

People would not be allowed to obtain information based on books that are deemed obscene under House Bill 1205 and Senate Bill 2360. The censorship would apply to all North Dakota libraries if it were to pass.

The neighborhood joined together to read silently for 30 minutes for a protest, gathering outside the library with their favorite books.

“It’s up to each individual to decide to what information they have access to,” states Library Director Christine Kujawa. “It’s not something that any other person or government entity should decide on their behalf. And in the case of minors, it’s up to the parents to make that decision.”

Those who came out tonight were urged by library representatives to contact lawmakers and express their concerns about the two measures.