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Health experts provide tips for a healthier Thanksgiving



FARGO — With Thanksgiving just under two weeks away, health experts are starting to remind people of healthier ways to enjoy it.

Some say rather than saving your stomach for the big meal, ease into it by eating breakfast first.

Abby Kiland, a business development specialist at Profile by Sanford, said this year could be a year to try healthier recipes, like butternut squash casserole or pumpkin pie pudding, because of the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention recommendation to have a smaller gathering.

She said since there may be less people around the dinner table, it also may be easier to control portions.

“If you’re going to be with a smaller group, then make those portion sizes smaller,” Kiland said. “Don’t make that meal for 15 people if only five are going to be there, because then there’s going to be so much food left over.”

Kiland suggests evening out your plate, with half vegetables and half meat, when it comes time to dish up.

If you’re going the traditional route this year, she also suggests being comfortable with what you eat.

“If you choose to have the food or the drink, (and) have the pie, then make sure that you’re okay with it and you enjoy it while it’s there,” Kiland said.

Kiland also said to maintain your weight, stay active throughout the day, especially after the meal.