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Fargo Commissioners approve workforce/LGBTQ resolution



Fargo, North Dakota – A resolution that combines a pro-business and pro-LGBTQ attitude was approved by the Fargo City Commissioners.

The symbolic action expresses the city’s solidarity with Gov. Doug Burgum and other organizations in acknowledging the critical need to expand their labor force.

Also, the resolution declares that the city supports the Human Rights Commission in opposing anti-trans state legislation that, in its opinion, discriminates against vulnerable and marginalized sections of the community. They claim that those suggestions might make it harder for them to recruit employees.

“This is a strong support the City of Fargo has for the people in our community,” said Mayor Tim Mahoney. “Talented, wonderful people who want to raise a family and do things. And this is an important statement the city of Fargo has to make that we will stand for people and stand for them in our community.”

The only commissioner to vote against the resolution was Dave Piepkorn, who did so 4-1.