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FAA investigates an aircraft crash near Larimore



Fargo, North Dakota – An aircraft crash near Larimore on Saturday is being investigated by the Federal Aviation Administration.

A small-engine Piper PA-18 crashed in a forested location immediately after departing the Larimore Municipal Airport about 7:30 a.m., according to FAA authorities.

At the time, there were two individuals on board.

The Sheriff’s Office of Grand Forks County was sent to the 20 Barrett Avenue area.

A woman, who reported the incident, stated she heard a plane taking off. She said about two minutes later, she heard what sounded like a crash, but did not see any smoke or flames.

A deputy searched the area and later responded to the Larimore Municipal Airport, where he noticed an open hangar with no plane inside.

Two pickup trucks were found parked near the hangar.

It was later discovered they were registered to Todd Yahna and Paul Mutch.

The deputy was able to get in contact with Yahna, at which point, he explained he was involved in a plane crash.

He stated the two men were headed to Northwood and as the plane took they felt it was not gaining altitude.

Yahna said he was unable to get the plane leveled or gain speed to avoid the trees.

The crash was discovered in a line of trees near the 3700 block of County Road 4. Emergency crews were able to locate Yahna and Mutch.

Yahna suffered from a knee injury while Mutch had a laceration above his right eye.

Also, both passengers endured several cuts and scrapes on the arms and legs.

Yahna was taken to Sanford Hospital in Fargo.